Cincinnati Nightlife

Cincinnati NightlifeMany of Cincinnati’s best bars and clubs were forced to close their doors, at least temporarily, in 2001. However, the evening scene has been making a spectacular comeback, with many places reopening and several new venues taking the place of permanently closed favorites. Discover the blossoming Cincy nightlife, and get in on the beginnings of a great new party!

The Comet
Blast off your weekend with a trip to The Comet. One of Cincinnati’s most popular nightlife options, this laid-back dive bar offers a killer combination of drinks, food and music. Choose from over 200 beers or have one specially mixed from the full bar. Munch on some of the most delicious San Francisco-style burritos outside of San Fran. You can even catch a live concert or hit up the jukebox for your favorite tunes.

Address: 4579 Hamilton Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45223 - MAP
Phone: (513) 541-8900

Blue Wisp Jazz Club
Now in a new location by Fountain Square, the Blue Wisp Jazz Club has been a Cincy nightilfe staple for many years. The best jazz club in the city, the Blue Wisp offers a steady stream of artists from around the nation performing almost every night. Enjoy some delicious, New Orleans style food while you listen to the rhythms on stage.

Address: 700 Race St., Cincinnati, OH 45202 - MAP
Phone: (513) 241-9477

City View Tavern
Take in a breathtaking view of the city when you spend an afternoon or evening at the City View Tavern. This bar and nightlife venue serves up a wide selection of beer that goes great with its pub food. Take your drinks to the outdoor deck or stay indoors where you can hit the jukebox in one corner, the pool table in the other or the old-school arcade up front.

Address: 403 Oregon St., Cincinnati, OH 45202 - MAP
Phone: (513) 241-8439

Below Zero Lounge
Alchemize, Cincinnati’s most popular dance club and nightlife destination, has recently changed its name to the Below Zero Lounge. Serving up their trademark below zero vodka drinks, the knowledgeable bar staff can mix up anything your heart desires from what they have on hand (a fully stocked bar, that is). After grabbing your drink, head to the lounge area to chat or hit the dance floor to shake it!

Address: 1122 Walnut St., Cincinnati, OH 45202 - MAP
Phone: (513) 421-9376

Neons Unplugged
Cut loose at Neons Unplugged, described as the backyard of Over-the-Rhine. This beergarden and nightlife venue has been around in one incarnation or another since the 1980s, when it was a bar filled with neon signs. Kick back in this friendly, relaxed environment and play a game of pool, giant Jenga or bocce ball with a group of friends (or make some new ones!).

Address: 208 12th St E, Cincinnati, OH 45202 - MAP
Phone: (513) 827-9361

Henke Winery
For a touch of refinement during your evening, visit Henke Winery. Run by a local family, this wine bar and winery offers an excellent selection of every wine imaginable. Choose from some of the highest quality wines to sip on in the city, and enjoy your glass in an intimate, cozy nightlife atmosphere.

Address: 3077 Harrison Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45211 - MAP
Phone: (513) 662-9463

Highland Coffee House
Stay up all night long with the help of caffeine. Highland Coffee House is serving up everything caffeinated, from regular old Joe to fancy lattes and mochas, from the early afternoon until 2AM on the weekdays and 4AM on weekends. Looking to settle down instead of winding up? Opt for some delicious and calming tea.

Address: 3101 Price Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45205 - MAP
Phone: (513) 429-4548