Cincinnati Sports and Recreation

Cincinnati Sports and RecreationCincinnati has plenty to keep you up and active! Cheer on one of the professional sports teams in a top-notch arena, or head to the great outdoors for your own adventure. Explore one of Cincy’s excellent trail-filled parks, blow off some steam at one of the many nearby amusement parks or cool down at a local water park.


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Pro Sports

Cincinnati Bengals
Let your inner tiger roar as you cheer on the NFL's Cincinnati Bengals in Paul Brown Stadium. Wear black and orange to support this sports team as they rip their claws into their opponents, the chief of which include the Cleveland Browns, the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Once the punch line of a joke, the Bengals have changed their stripes since the hiring of Head Coach Marvin Lewis.

Address: 1 Paul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati, OH 45202- MAP
Phone: (513) 621-3550

Cincinnati Reds
See the Cincinnati Reds dominate in their home field. The "Big Red Machine" crushes competitors in their new home, the Great American Ball Park; the Reds have five World Title series and dozens of other championships. This well-respected baseball team was one of the first professional ones in America, established in 1882.

Address: 100 Main St., Cincinnati, OH 45202 - MAP
Phone: (513) 381-REDS

Cincinnati Cyclones
Come by the US Bank arena to see the Cincinnati Cyclones tear up the ice with hard-hitting sports action. This professional hockey team is a member of the ECHL. The Cyclones recently had one of the most successful seasons in the franchise’s history during 2007-08, and brought home the Kelly Cup for two consecutive years.

Address: 100 Broadway St., Cincinnati, OH 45202 - MAP
Phone: (513) 421-7825

University of Cincinnati Bearcats
Show your support for the University of Cincinnati Bearcats, the official athletic teams that represent the university. No matter what your interests—from basketball, football and baseball to lacrosse, diving and dance—you will find something that catches your interest and a sports team that will make you want to "Cheer Cincinnati!"

Address: 2700 Varsity Way, Cincinnati, OH 45219 - MAP
Phone: (513) 556-CATS

Cincinnati Kings Soccer Academy
For an unmatchable soccer experience and a unique platform not seen elsewhere, visit the Cincinnati Kings Soccer Academy. This sports team helps train and develop skills in students ages 2 to 25, and plays in the USL Premier Development League. Recently, they have teamed up with the former 1790 Cincinnati Express to create the year-round professional indoor soccer team known as the Cincinnati Kings Indoor Team.

Address: 1018 Town Drive, Wilder, KY 41076 - MAP
Phone: (859) 442-5800


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Hiking, Biking & Trails

Lunken Playfield Loop
Down by the Lunken Airport Playfield is the Lunken Playfield Loop, a 5-mile paved recreation trail that can be found behind the airport. Get some fresh air in the city and enjoy the wide-open views, and the spectacular sight of airplanes taking off and landing nearby, as you hike, jog, bike or skate in this large loop.

Address: 4744 Playfield Ln, Cincinnati, OH 45226 - MAP
Phone: (513) 321-6500

Caldwell Preserve
Visit the picturesque Caldwell Preserve for the rare chance to hike a well-paved trail while still getting up close and personal with Mother Nature and her creatures. This nature preserve features 3.5 miles of level, wheelchair accessible nature and recreational trails that wind through the woods and gardens, bringing you directly into the wildlife’s home.

Address: 500 West North Bend Road, Cincinnati, OH 45224 - MAP
Phone: (513) 761-4313

Mount Airy Forest
The largest park in Cincy, Mount Airy Forest offers visitors an impressive 1,471 acres of natural and planned landscapes to explore at their leisure. Walk through miles of scenic hiking and recreational trails or even bring out a horse for the bridle trails off Diehl Road. Sneak in a bit more walking when you wander through the giant public treehouse.

Address: 5083 Colerain Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45223 - MAP
Phone: (513) 357-2604

Dan Beard Riverwalk
Follow the Boy Scout guide, available for free printing on the website, for the Dan Beard Riverwalk. This simple, 5-mile recreational trail follows the riverfront starting from the famous Newport Southbank Bridge, originally known as the L&N Bridge and popularly dubbed the Purple People Bridge. Just follow the inset Riverwalk logos and read through the guide to discover some interesting history along the trail.

Address: Saratoga Street, Newport, KY 41071 - MAP


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Scenic River Canoe Excursions
Join the aptly named Scenic River Canoe Excursions for an unforgettable water recreation trip down the breathtaking Little Miami River. One of the best places to canoe or kayak in the Cincinnati area, this tranquil little river is a bit out of the way, so you won’t be fighting high-volumes of traffic and will have more time to concentrate on the beauty of the waterway.

Address: 4595 Round Bottom Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45244 - MAP
Phone: (513) 576-9000

CoCo Key Water Resort
Sleep and play in the same place at CoCo Key Water Resort, Cincinnati’s indoor water park retreat. Plan an aquatic recreation adventure any time of the year! This resort stays a balmy 84 degrees year round. Take advantage of the many pools, slides and water rides at this waterlogged wonderland.

Address: 11320 Chester Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45246 - MAP
Phone: (513) 771-2080

Wake Nation Cincinnati
Head to the best wakeboarding spot in the Tri-State area to put your water sports abilities to the test. Wake Nation Cincinnati is the first and only cable wake park in the area, suitable for both beginners and experienced riders. Use the 10-acre lake to wakeboard, kneeboard, wake skate and water ski without the use of a boat!

Address: 201 Joe Nuxhall Way, Fairfield, OH 45014 - MAP
Phone: (513) 887-9253


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Plenty Of Thrills

Kings Island
Plan a trip to Kings Island, one of the world’s most amazing amusement parks, for a surefire way to beat boredom. Your heart is sure to start pumping as you board one of the record-holding roller coasters and other thrill and chill giving rides packed into three different sections: adult attractions, a children’s park, and a water park.

Address: 6300 Kings Island Dr., Kings Island, OH 45034 - MAP
Phone: (513) 754-5700

Perfect North Slopes
During the snowy winter months, head up to the Perfect North Slopes. Whether you are new to the world of skiing or have mastered the art of flying down the slopes, you’ll be sure to find a wintery sports and recreation adventure in store for you at this ski resort. Not willing to strap on skis or a snowboard? Try snow tubing—safe and fun for all ages!

Address: 19074 Perfect Place Ln., Lawrenceburg, IN 47025 - MAP
Phone: (812) 537-3754

Coney Island
For over 120 years, Coney Island has drawn in visitors from across the city, state and country (some even internationally) for a slice of this Americana staple. Whether you want to hit the water park to cool down or chase your next adrenaline rush across the unmatched collection of classic rides, you are sure to have a grand ol’ time enjoying recreation at this traditional amusement park.

Address: 6201 Kellogg Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45228 - MAP
Phone: (513) 232-8230


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Madison Bowl
Lace up your bowling shoes and get ready to knock down some pins at Madison Bowl, a 24/7 bowling alley in the Oakley neighborhood. This old-school alley has great deals for all bowlers and great hours for all ages, as well as an excellent dinner inside (and a full bar for those over 21).

Address: 4761 Madison Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45227 - MAP
Phone: (513) 271-2700

Folz Fishing Lakes
Learn how to cast a reel at Folz Fishing Lakes. These catch and release lakes are stuffed with all kinds of enormous fish: carps, bluecats, shovelheads, bass, bluegill and more. Rent a fishing pole and some live bait to take out onto the two beautifully maintained, tree-lined lakes for a great way to unwind.

Address: 7312 Bridgetown Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45248 - MAP
Phone: (513) 941-4765

Rack & Roll
Head over to Rack & Roll, a sports bar with a laid-back atmosphere, for a relaxing evening shooting pool and playing darts with your buddies. This large pool hall features a multitude of billiards tables, a jukebox and a fully stocked bar to keep your spirits up all night long.

Address: 2176 Anderson Ferry Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45238 - MAP
Phone: (513) 922-2220